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Beads have been used since time immemorial to decorate the naked shoulders and breasts of women. Traditional communities still use them as part of their traditional cultures while in modern societies women use them as part of their make up. Different items have been used ranging from natural to artificial in the manufacture of beads for purposes of beads. In traditional societies, certain seeds were treated and used for making beads which were then sawn into threads and worn around the neck. Beads also served such purposes as symbolism of passage rites. That is why they were worn by women in certain age groups.


Silver beads symbolize the entry of modernity in beads making and wearing. Today it can be said that silver beads epitomizes the practice and or culture of beads making and wearing. They are not the direct products of the traditional cultures though it is difficult to completely delineate them from the cultural practices. In fact they are worn both for purposes of beauty and for art purposes by those in the film production industries. They are also used for drama in lower instances of acting.


Today's silver beads come in different shapes and sizes as there are many manufacturers. The silver beads are sold by leading jewelry shops like Dreamland Jewelry in Italy which is an international marketer for such items and products. Dreamland sells an assortment of silver beads varying both in shapes and sizes. There are Sterling Silver seemed beads, Sterling Silver beads spacers, Sterling Silver stardust beads, Sterling Silver mirror beads, Sterling Silver Light corrugated beads, Sterling Silver Matte finish beads, Sterling Silver Plain saucer beads, Sterling Silver Corrugated saucer beads, Sterling Silver Plain Rondel beads, and Sterling Silver bead tips.


From the above list of silver beads varieties, one can see that there is a whole range of silver beads and that they also serve different purposes. Some are used at the tip of the chain while others form the main body. The different shapes can be used interchangeably to bring some pattern and reduce monotony. There are others which are used as spacers meaning that they can be used on narrow chains even if they have big holes as the spacers will stop them from falling off once spacers are fixed at the end of the chain. Spacer silver beads can also be used as boundaries between different types of beads. You can therefore mix various shapes to create more fascinating looks. Since beads require ropes for them to be worn on the body, they can be used on beautifully designed chains to achieve a greater sense of beauty. They could be used on silver chains to add to the illustrious beauty of the chains.



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Silver beads are to some extent continuation of the old traditional cultures even though the more natural products like seeds and cowries were used in those circumstances. The use of silver beads today can be said to modernize the art and practice of beads wearing. There are different shapes and sizes of silver beads and can be used simultaneously to avoid monotony.

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Silver beads

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This article was published on 2010/11/28