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This article deals with everything about glass beads. It is an informative article dealing with all the basics and the secondary functions of glass beads. We will start with the simplest question as to what are glass beads and how most creatively can they be used? There are various ways to make use of them but I have collected some of the most creative ones which can be used at the easiest.

At the outset, let me explain the definition of glass beads. They are the small pieces of glass with a hole in it. They can be of various shapes, sizes and colours. While you are making a creative use of them, you can choose the different colours and sizes to make the finished product very interesting. Put together various similar and dissimilar pieces in a string to make it a wonderful adornment. The contemporary beads are so intricate these days that they have doubled their value in terms of beauty and shine. They are more long lasting and look beautiful when arranged with the different sizes and colours.

Let us go back a bit into the origin of these beads. They are the most ancient and universal form of art and this is the reason that they possess enormous anthropological value. If we go back to some of the archaeological evidences, history o glass beads date back to Roman region. Some other studies reveal that these beads were used in Caucasus region and Mesopotamia regions as well. This happened around 2340-2180 BC. These of glass beads have such an ancient and rich heritage that they were also used in the Mediterranean, Egyptian, and Venice cultures.

Most of the people use these glass beads in making the unique designs of curtains and jewelry. People want to wear the things they like. With this personalise choice in mind, they want to customise each thing they want to wear. Since these are manufactured in factories as well cottage industries, there is variety available to us. They are more precisely designed and neater in their nature. They acquire more grace when contrasted with other gemstones and metal beads. This kind of jewelry tops the category of fashion jewelry India.

If we think about more creative use of these beads, they can be used as an item of interior decor in the curtains. How much more graceful can your dining room be if you replace your boring curtains with the bright coloured curtains with the special incorporation of the glass beads? Dont just think about it, go for it and do something which makes you get lots of appreciation. Once you do it, you will get addicted to it since art work is always very interesting.
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All About Glass Beads

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This article was published on 2011/02/16