4 Things You Can Make With Round Rhinestone Beads

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No one can deny the shininess of rhinestone. Beautiful rhinestones can make any project shine, literally. Round rhinestone beads are easy to work with and fit into all types of jewelry projects. There are so many different styles from which to choose. There is a bead for any project that you can dream up. Here are four things you can make using these gorgeous beads.


Round rhinestone beads are perfect for adorning hair, and an easy project is the making of barrettes. These hair accessories used to be used just to pull hair back and keep it off of the face. Nowadays, barrettes are more of a fashion accessory. They are easy to make and can really make a statement when shiny rhinestones are added. The process of making a barrette is pretty simple. You will need some fabric of your choice to be put on your barrette. Your beads can be glued onto the fabric and, once it’s dry, you have your finished product. It will be necessary to use industrial strength glue to make a good, sturdy barrette.


Earrings are a fun, easy craft project and can add a nice touch as a fashion accessory. Making them with round rhinestone beads will really make them stand out. The beads come in all sorts of styles so you can create different looks. Some beads are for a more elegant look, and some can be created for a more casual look. Making the earrings is pretty easy. For a straight hanging earring, you will place your chosen bead on a headpin. A loop is made to connect the earring finding and that is it. You have a very fashionable pair of shiny earrings.


Necklaces make great jewelry accessories and when you can make them yourself, you can design one for all of your looks. For a more shiny, elegant looking necklace, make yourself one using round rhinestone beads. They come in all sorts of sizes and designs and are really easy to use. With all the different choices, you can surely create something unique. As with most necklace projects, you will need your stringing material. If you are planning on some of it showing, make sure you use something that looks good on its own.


There are all kinds of things you can do with round rhinestone beads. One of them is the construction of custom bracelets. These beads are so shiny and flashy that they can stand alone. You could create leather bracelets with just a few beads that will be really fashionable. Another choice is to use all beads on beading wire to make the bracelet. You can also create very thick, chunky bracelets by making the width larger. There are multiple design capabilities. Use your imagination and create your own unique bracelets that will add that finishing touch to your wardrobe. 

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4 Things You Can Make With Round Rhinestone Beads

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4 Things You Can Make With Round Rhinestone Beads

This article was published on 2013/07/23